The Myth

SwissPeaks 360

The Valais is opening up. From the glaciers to Lake Geneva, the myth runs kilometre after kilometre through the most beautiful Alpine scenery. In the midst of the 4,000 - on a route whose reputation is legendary. Discover and enjoy the wonders that nature has entrusted to us.



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Sunday, september 1st, 2019

Oberwald, Haute Vallée des Conches (Obergoms), Valais, Switzerland

Start at 10 am

Everything about the times, details and handing over of the race bibs in the official program


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360 km

25'500 m D+ / 26'500 m D-

Maximum 275 athletes

6 ITRA points - Very alpine course, technically demanding, requires excellent mountain knowledge and sporting skills.

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Time limits

First arrival:

80 h

Last arrival: 

160 h

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Obligatory equipment according to race rules.

You can leave your runner bag at the starting line. You will find it at every base de vie - supply post. Only the bag provided by the organization will be taken care of.

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Supply posts

28 posts for catering on the route, including 6 supply stations / bases de vie (with runner's bag), one on arrival. Final dinner with buffet at the restaurant La Lagune Bouveret.

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The transport from Le Bouveret on the day before the race, organized with our mobility partner Regionalps, is included in the registration fee.

Click here to reserve your shuttle


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Registration fee

CHF 680 for the first 50 registrations, then the following prices, inclusive:

- Geolocalization through LEGENDS Tracking

- a welcome and finisher gift

- the shuttle to departure

- the buffet dinner at our partner La Lagune in Bouveret


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Good to know

Briefing on the starting line 20 minutes before the start of the race.

For reasons of sustainability, environmental protection and organisation, private support for runners is limited (information in the roadbook).


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Access and places

In the menu infos & services / Access and POI you will find a map with all relevant places, entrances and parking lots before and after the race.

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All important information can be found in the roadbook as well as in the plans and maps for download by clicking on the corresponding buttons in the download area.




Route profile

360 km - 25'500 m D+ / 26'500 m D-


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All important information can be found in the roadbook, which you can download by clicking on one of the buttons below



Directions and parking

For the SwissPeaks 360 your train journey to departure is included in your registration. Your starting number is your ticket for public transport between Le Bouveret and Oberwald (valid on the day before and on the day of the race). We therefore strongly recommend that you arrive by train or park your car in Le Bouveret. We do not organise shuttles after the race. We do not organise accommodation in Oberwald, but you will find all the necessary information on our accommodation page.

In the menu infos & services / Access and POI you will find a map with all relevant places, entrances and parking lots before and after the race.


For problems or questions regarding registration: